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Values help you establish your sense of purpose and direction for your personal brand. They act as guideposts that assist you in evaluating choices in your life.

Values are the emotional currency of your life. They are the core principles that give meaning to your life and are defined as a set of standards that determine your attitudes, choices, and actions. Values change as you change; they reflect what’s important to you at any given moment.

For example, if you value your frankness and your partner does, too, but doesn’t have tact, you might then change and start valuing diplomacy more.

The quickest way to determine whether a value has been violated is to notice what things have ever made you feel angry. Think about a time when something felt wrong to you. Did someone cross an important line for you that did not mesh with something you value?

Your deepest values, and the ones that often stay with you the longest, are your intrinsic values. Intrinsic values are ends in themselves, such as happiness or integrity. They are the guiding principles by which you lead your life.

Values drive you and help you commit to your life. Often, the reason people are unhappy at work is because their values no longer align with their work. When you’re crafting a personal brand, you must understand your core values because they are the heart of who you are.

The following list of values can help you think about what is important to you. Here’s an exercise: Write your top ten values on ten separate pieces of paper. Then, one by one, you must throw away one piece of paper by considering which values are the greatest priorities.

In the end, you are left with just one piece of paper: your most important value. This exercise is very impactful, so if you’re in the mood, find a friend or two to do this with.

Even if you don’t do the exercise with anyone else, take the time to identify your top ten values from the list below. Start by identifying all the values that feel like they belong to you. Then select the ten that are the most important.

Make note of your values because you can then use them to build your mission statement.

Possible Values for Your Personal Brand
abundance acceptance accomplishment
accuracy achievement acknowledgment
activeness adaptability adventure
affection affluence agility
altruism ambition appreciation
assertiveness attractiveness availability
awareness balance beauty
being the best belonging boldness
bravery brilliance calmness
challenge charity charm
clarity cleanliness comfort
commitment compassion completion
composure concentration congruency
connection consciousness consistency
contentment contribution control
coolness cooperation correctness
courage creativity credibility
curiosity daring decisiveness
dependability determination devotion
dignity diligence diplomacy
discipline discovery diversity
drive duty education
effectiveness efficiency elegance
empathy endurance energy
enjoyment enthusiasm excellence
excitement experience expertise
expressiveness extroversion fairness
faith fame family
fearlessness fidelity financial independence
fitness flexibility focus
freedom friendliness frugality
fun generosity giving
grace gratitude growth
happiness harmony health
helpfulness heroism honesty
humility humor hygiene
imagination independence insightfulness
inspiration integrity intelligence
intimacy introversion intuition
joy justice kindness
knowledge leadership learning
liberty logic love
loyalty making a difference mastery
mindfulness motivation neatness
obedience open-mindedness optimism
organization originality passion
peace perfection perseverance
philanthropy playfulness pleasantness
pleasure polish popularity
power practicality pragmatism
precision preparedness privacy
professionalism prosperity realism
reason recognition recreation
relaxation reliability resilience
resourcefulness respect restraint
sacrifice satisfaction security
self-control selflessness self-reliance
serenity service significance
silence simplicity sincerity
skillfulness solitude spirituality
spontaneity stability strength
success support sympathy
synergy teamwork temperance
traditionalism timeliness tranquility
trustworthiness truth understanding
uniqueness variety victory
virtue vision warmth

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