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If you want to be productive and boost your performance at work, take a look at these three simple things below that you can focus on. Paying attention to these three areas will have a big impact on your effectiveness in the workplace

  • Focus on the goals. Many people at work have trouble with prioritization. But the solution is pretty simple: Be clear about your goals, and your priorities will be evident. Plan your day according to your goals. Ask yourself which tasks will get you closer to your goals, and focus on them. When you spend your day working on these tasks, you’ll know you’ve been productive.

  • Take control of your inbox. Email can take over your day if you allow it to. Start your day in your calendar with what you have planned for the day, not with what others want you to do for them. Take control of your workday by planning your day in advance. After you’ve looked at your calendar, you can either start work straightaway or open your inbox to see whether you have any urgent requests that will take priority over what you’ve already scheduled.

  • Stay positive at all times. Having all the techniques and tools in place to be productive will only go so far if you don’t have the right attitude. Having a positive, can-do attitude is the most significant contributor to enhancing performance. If you’re positive, no task is too difficult and no problem can’t be overcome. With a positive attitude, you’ll develop better and stronger relationships with your team. Positive attitudes breed more positive attitudes, and if you can create a pleasant work environment that is optimistic and empowered, there is little you can’t achieve.

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