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Some women breeze through menopause without realizing it's upon them; others are not so lucky. Here are five tips for making the journey through menopause easier.

  • Recognize that menopause is a natural transition, just like puberty. Fortunately, with a few more years under your belt, you are in a better position to ride out the storm of hormonal upheavals this time. Realize that menopause is a time of change, not only with your body, but also with your life.

  • Find some good doctors, namely an internist and gynecologist. Make sure that you have good two-way communication (that means you and your doctor listen to each other, and that you feel comfortable with your doctor's advice).

  • Re-evaluate your lifestyle. Your body is less forgiving now and lets you know if you continue with those bad habits you enjoy. You need to have a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly (at least five times a week), avoid smoking, and get enough sleep.

  • Get an annual gynecology exam (with your gynecologist) and an annual physical exam (with your internist). Track any symptoms you have (both physical and mental) and discuss these with your doctor.

  • Have patience with yourself. Find a way to relax and reduce your stress. Stress intensifies many menopausal symptoms and lowers your body's immunity to disease. Take time out for yourself to visit friends, join a yoga class, go for a walk, or do community service — just do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

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Marcia L. Jones was a freelance writer for more than 20 years. Theresa Eichenwald, M.D., is an internist with experience in caring for menopausal women. Nancy W. Hall has written extensively on health, pregnancy, and child development for over 18 years.

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