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Don’t give up on your dreams of being an actor when you’re feeling frustrated. To relax and revive your acting aspirations, try some of these suggestions:

  • Meditate or practice yoga

  • Treat yourself to a spa, massage, or a hot bath

  • Take a class to overcome your weaknesses as an actor

  • Look for a day job that you may actually like

  • Participate in non-show business activities, such as sports, volunteering at a hospital or charity, or enjoying a hobby

  • Work off some steam — take a karate, boxing, or aerobic workout class

  • Start or join a support group with fellow actors

  • See a movie, go to a play, or read a good book

  • Read a positive-thinking book or listen to motivational tapes

  • Browse through one of the trade publications such as Variety or Hollywood Reporter

  • Pursue an additional show business career (writing, stand-up comedy, filmmaking, and so on)

  • Take a vacation (It can be as simple as a one day trip to the beach or a two week trip to Europe.)

  • Take time to develop a plan for advancing your acting career

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