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Learning a new song to sing can be intimidating, but by using the following steps, you can integrate a new song into your repertoire without much difficulty. As with any new skill, learning a new song is a process, made easier if you break it into manageable steps:

  1. Memorize the words as a story — write out the text as sentences with punctuation.

  2. Tap out the rhythm.

  3. Sing through the melody — without words — using a single vowel such as ah or oh.

  4. Sing through the melody with the piano accompaniment without words.

  5. Put it all together: words, rhythm, melody, and acting.

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Pamelia S. Phillips, DMA, is the professional program director and chair of voice and music at Collaborative Arts Project 21 (CAP21) in New York. A seasoned performer, her appearances range from contemporary American Opera premieres to guest performances with major symphonies. Pam has taught extensively at such institutions as Arizona State University and Wagner College. She holds degrees in music education and vocal performance.

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