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The form of “Blues Riff in B” is the classic 12-bar blues, but it’s played the rock ’n’ roll way, which is in a straight-eighth feel (not a shuffle or swing). In the guitar tablature below, you’ll notice some nice syncopations in the odd-numbered bars and in bar 10. These syncopations give the progression a slight kick and make it fun to play.

As the title suggests, this song is in the key of B. Note that all five major arpeggio patterns are used in this piece, but not in order. This should keep things interesting! This progression fits many styles of music that are played as a 12-bar blues in a straight-eighth feel, such as songs by Chuck Berry.

Flatpickers may want to leave their picks on the music stand (or between their teeth) for this one, because these sequences are a lot easier to play with the individual right-hand fingers.

Blues Riff in B
Blues Riff in B

Click here to download and print this guitar tab.

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