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In the protection of your music, your brand, and yourself, wellness and health also need to be taken into consideration when you address security. From checkups to getting to a doctor or clinic when you are sick, to the maintenance when you are sick or hurt, your wellbeing is what allows your music to keep keeping on.

Plan everything from exercise to preventative maintenance, to being just a little more healthy on the road, in the studio, and at home. This helps you continue to write, perform, and conduct the music business side of things and have that much more fun while not getting as easily worn down, burned out or sick as often.

Practicing basic health

Getting sleep, not drinking too much alcohol, and eating right are the same kind of activities that everyone should do. But in the music business, it can be that much more important. The hours can be exhausting and overwhelming, the sweating onstage turns to a chill while loading out in the cold. Dirty stages, smoky venues, lots of germs, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! A hypochondriac could have a field day with what a musician goes through on any given day.

Still, adding into your music business plan, as well as your daily life the extra measures for exercise, vitamins, getting that laundry done, and taking the steps to be that much more on top of your health keeps you more on top of all you have to do, which in turn, secures your ability to get it all done.

Your overall health is a factor and can even show up as questions from investors and labels.

Gone are the days of Keith Moon, the late drummer for the Who, passing out on his drums and shows being cancelled or delayed because of health problems. Overuse of alcohol is now looked at as a liability, a lack of security, and an issue that gets your band passed over for another whose members take care of themselves.

Extra steps and preventative maintenance

People laugh when they see the cost of chiropractic medicine, massage, acupuncture, and other non-traditional health treatments presented as considerations for a music business plan or touring budget. Those costs, however, help keep you playing at your best. You’re spending to that secure your ability to keep on doing the work from which everyone profits.

Your body is like an instrument. When it’s not resonating, it’s not producing the sounds to sustain. Whether the alignment of chiropractic, the loosening of a massage, or the release of acupuncture, these medicines and others, while costing something on the front side, can save a great deal of money and time on the back side.

Nontraditional medicines work wonders for some; for others, the more mainstream visits with a physician or nurse practitioner is what the patient ordered. Whether you go the traditional route or seek something different, there’s no excuse for letting your health slip. Find a doctor or treatment that works for you, and stay healthy.

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