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Singing: Overcome Performance Anxiety about Your Audience

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Your anxious thoughts and fears may turn to the audience whenever you become concerned about what they think of you and your singing. You can’t get rid of the audience; after all, an audience is a necessity for your performance.

You can, however, pretend that the members of the audience aren’t really in the audience. You don’t have to sing directly to the audience or look them in the eyes. You can look over their heads so you don’t have to worry about reading the expression on their faces when you look them right in the eyes.

Doing your job as you sing means that you must tell a story. Insecurity can lead you to believe that everyone is looking at you harshly. Reframing your thoughts so that you accept the audience and let go of the hostile image you may have of the audience can go a long way toward overcoming your doubts.

You’ve probably heard this suggestion for overcoming stage fright: Imagine that all the people in the audience are sitting in their underwear. You can also remind yourself that the audience chose to attend your performance, and they want to hear you sing well.