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Picking Singing Exercises that Work for You

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Choose the singing exercises that appeal the most to you and write them in your practice journal. A practice journal is a notebook or journal (on paper or on your computer) that you use to take notes on your practice sessions. On each page, list the date and what exercise you need to work on. This is your to-do list for your practice session.

After your practice session, write down what you discovered — what worked and what was difficult — and any thoughts about what to include in the next practice session. After working an exercise for a week, evaluate your progress. You may be ready to add more exercises or another type of exercise. Find exercises to begin your technical journey and add new exercises weekly as you progress.

Consider these big points when you’re working on singing exercises:

  • Make sure that you read the instructions enough times so you can work through the exercise and focus on your task.

  • The exercise is appropriate if it’s just above your level of expertise. If you’ve never had singing training, you may feel overwhelmed at first. However, this feeling will subside with practice because you’ll gradually understand the terminology — the exercise will eventually become second nature to you. If the exercise gets easier after a week, you’re on the right track.

  • Reread the directions and instructions for the exercises often. After working an exercise for a week, you may find something that you forgot when you read the instructions again.

  • If an exercise is confusing, ask a friend to interpret it or practice it with you. Watching other singers helps you discover a great deal about technique. Having to verbally explain an exercise to someone else helps you articulate your ideas.

  • The biggest piece of advice which can be offered about singing is that it requires discipline. It’s really up to you to find the time to practice and improve your technique. Schedule the time, organize your session by choosing the exercises, and have a blast!