Performing Like a Singing Pro: Making Your Entrance - dummies

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Making Your Entrance

By Pamelia S. Phillips

As a singer, when you enter the stage from a doorway or wing, look at the audience and smile. You appear far more confident if you look straight at your audience as you walk across the stage. Practicing this is important. Your smile needs to look genuine even if you’re nervous and don’t want to be onstage. When you reach your position on the stage, pause in place to bow.

Other performing venues may require you to be a bit more subdued. Singing for a church service, for example, requires a different approach than singing at a pop concert. For a church service, you may not get applause as you stand up to sing. It doesn’t mean that the audience doesn’t like you: Their focus is on your message in your performance instead of on the performance itself.

Before you make your entrance, be mentally prepared. You want your energy level to be up so you can pace your entrance just right. If you’re dreading your entrance, you may walk slowly and appear petrified to sing. Even if you’re nervous, make your entrance with confidence. You don’t have to run, but walk at a pace that shows you’re eager to perform.