Making Your First Singing Lesson a Success - dummies

Making Your First Singing Lesson a Success

By Pamelia S. Phillips

If you’ve never had a voice lesson, you may be nervous during your first lesson. The teacher knows that the first lesson is a little bit scary and may encourage you to be brave and try to make some new sounds. Admit that you’re nervous and know that feeling this way is perfectly normal.

After you choose a voice teacher and know what to expect from the lesson, check out the following list to get a few tips on how to make your first lesson go smoothly.

  • Before your first lesson, ask the teacher whether you need to bring your recorder. She may have one that you can use at the studio. If not, you want to bring one.

  • Bring along a bottle of water to keep your throat moist during all the singing.

    Don’t set the water on the piano unless your teacher tells you that it’s okay. Pianos are expensive, and spilling your water into the baby grand makes a really bad (and expensive) lasting impression.

  • If the lesson is in a school or other location without supplies, you may also want to bring along a small mirror.

  • Ask how many copies of the music to bring. Some instructors want you to bring an extra copy of the song for them or the pianist.