Increasing Your Song Belting Range - dummies

Increasing Your Song Belting Range

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Some people think that you can belt only to a certain pitch because that’s how high they can take their chest voice. Belting is a combination of forward resonance plus mixed registration. Because not every voice is the same, some singers have an easier time with belting and increasing their belt range, whereas other singers find it tricky.

Higher sopranos and tenors have an easier time belting and belting high in their range. Mezzos and baritones may struggle a little more to figure out their belt. If you’re a mezzo or baritone trying to increase your belt range, you want to work slowly and deliberately. Spend about a month working on speaking-voice exercises. Work for another month or so on forward resonance.

That forward resonance may be harder for you than for your soprano or tenor buddies. Your voice tends to be darker and heavier, so finding forward resonance is going to take you a while. Be patient. If you rush to increase your belt range, you may end up pushing and making a harsh sound.

If you can find the forward high resonance, you’ll understand the difference between when you’re using too much weight and when it’s just right so you can sing higher belt songs.

The pattern illustrated is a short belt exercise, “That Ain’t It Man.” You want to use your belt sound for this exercise.