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Improving Your Singing: Cutting off a Note

By Pamelia S. Phillips

One tricky part of singing is knowing how to cut off a note that has a consonant at the end of a word. Some people think you have to squeeze to cut off the last note of a phrase. Squeezing creates a tight grunt to cut off the last note of your beautiful song. You have several options, depending on the last sound in the word.

For example, if the last word you sing ends with a vowel, you can simply inhale to stop singing the last note or cut off the last note. Try it: Sing out the words “I love you!” Sustain the last word for a few moments. When you’re ready to cut off the note, just inhale. It feels funny at first, but it makes releasing the note a lot easier.

If that last word ends with a consonant, you want to sing through the last consonant and inhale right away. Sing out the words “Come back.” As you prepare to release the end of the word back, move your tongue to create the K sound and inhale at the same time. It feels as if you sing through the K sound and then lift off.

Some singers focus on singing through the last consonant and forget to prepare the breath for the next word or phrase. If the K sound is the last sound of the song, you can focus on only the consonant. If you have to sing another phrase, you want to sing the consonant and inhale right away so you’re prepared for the next phrase.