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How Long It Will Take You to Learn to Sing

By Pamelia S. Phillips

How long it will take to learn to sing is a great question — and there is no blanket answer. If you know nothing about singing, you’ll start to hear improvement after a few weeks of consistent practice. You may not be ready for your debut at the Grammy Awards, but you’ll hear improvement in your tone and your ability to transition between registers of your voice.

Moving from a basic level to an intermediate level of singing takes about six months to a year of consistent practice. As with other sports, the consistent repetition develops muscle memory. Basketball players execute drills every practice. They run laps to build stamina and practice all kinds of coordination drills.

Your singing practice session needs to include drills and exercises to develop your skill and coordination. Most beginners can expect about 50 percent of their technique to stay with them under pressure. You want to work on your technique until it’s solid so that your percentage of skill under pressure reaches a higher level. Intermediate-level singers may achieve about 75 percent of their potential during a performance.

Advanced singing takes years to develop — but that fact shouldn’t discourage you. Great athletes continue to practice and develop their skills long into their careers. The more you practice, the more advanced level of exercises you can add to your routine.