Finding a Prospective Voice Teacher - dummies

Finding a Prospective Voice Teacher

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Consider taking singing lessons from a qualified voice teacher to improve your vocals, regardless of your experience. You can find a qualified a voice teacher in many ways. The following list makes finding a good teacher simple.

  • Get recommendations from friends who take voice lessons. Keeping in mind that no teacher is perfect, ask your friends what they like and don’t like about the teacher. Compare their preferences with your own.

  • Ask for suggestions at the local music store. The store may even have someone on staff who can work with you. If not, the staff is probably familiar with at least a few local voice teachers.

  • Look for ads in the local newspaper or trade paper in print or online. Before you give the person a call, have your list of questions ready. If you feel uneasy during the conversation, just say that you want to think about it.

  • Call the music school at the college nearest you. Many graduate students make great voice teachers. They’re often in the heat of the training and want to share all the juicy information they’ve gleaned. They may not have years of teaching under their belt, but that may work well for you: The two of you can explore singing together.

  • Search online. You can also find voice teachers online. A good place to start is the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc.

If possible, get input from current or former students about a particular teacher before you make contact. Although no teacher is perfect for everyone, if you hear one bad review after another, heed the warning that this teacher probably isn’t the best choice.