Ascending into Your Falsetto Singing Voice - dummies

Ascending into Your Falsetto Singing Voice

By Pamelia S. Phillips

This singing exercise helps you explore the sensations of moving into the lighter singing sound of falsetto from the heavier feelings of chest voice or middle voice. The benefit of this exercise is that, with practice, you can figure out how to make the transition up to falsetto or your head voice.

Your head voice will be stronger because you’ll know how to sing the notes without adding heavy pressure or thickness, as if you were pulling a rubber band and it remained thick. Move on to the pattern in the following illustration when you feel confident of your progress in the previous patterns.

Following the pattern below, sing the first note in your chest voice and then slide up into falsetto. Keep the slide back down as smooth as possible. It’s okay to really slide between the pitches for now. If you feel it bump as you make the transition, keep working and allow the bump to happen.

Later you may find that the bump gets smoother as you get more accustomed to making this transition in and out of falsetto. As you slide up into falsetto, you feel the resonance climbing higher in your head.