Windows Mobile Home Recording Options - dummies

By Jeff Strong

Windows 8 is the newcomer to the mobile world and, as such, currently offers the most limited variety of options for home recording. In fact, you won’t yet find any audio interface hardware that is compatible with Windows, so the only recording you can do with a Windows mobile device is through the built-in microphone.

This essentially limits this device to a lo-fi recorder or a place for ideas that you flesh out on a more capable device. That said, here are a few recording apps for Window 8 (hopefully, more will come soon):

  • Lexis Audio Editor: This app records and edits. The free version doesn’t let you save as MP3 — you have to pay $7 for that function.

  • Recorder One: This is one of the higher-rated free audio recording apps. Nothing fancy, but it works.

  • Recording Studio: The free version gives you two tracks; the Pro version ($8), 24 tracks. This app offers a lot of virtual instruments — you can add more.

  • Sound Editor: This free app lets you record, edit, and share sound files. Barebones but usable, especially for the price.

If you want an inexpensive, no-fuss gadget to record two tracks, you may want to consider a linear recorder, a two-track recorder (sometimes called a voice recorder or field recorder). Many linear recorders come with mics built in, and some even have effects.

The cool thing about a linear recorder is that it can fit in your pocket and record with surprisingly high quality, such as 24 bits (although many are 16 bits). Check the specs of the various models if the bit depth is important to you.