Streaming and Downloading Options for iPhone and iPad Musicians - dummies

Streaming and Downloading Options for iPhone and iPad Musicians

By Ryan C. Williams, Mike Levine

Part of iPad & iPhone for Musicians For Dummies Cheat Sheet

After you complete your final recording and exporting using your iPhone or iPad, you can share your tracks with the world! The following list contains options for distributing your tracks to the masses, many of which are available as export options:

  • Facebook: This option places your final track on the Facebook account associated with your iOS device. If you’re posting the track to your personal account, you’re probably fine. But if you want to post the track to a separate page — one set aside specifically for your music — make sure you enter the right information for that page on your iOS device by tapping Settings and selecting Facebook, then entering the correct credentials. Swapping pages continuously may be a hassle, but it will help you get your music to the right place.

  • YouTube: This option lets you upload your final track to everybody’s favorite Internet media hub/time-waster. Just select the YouTube option and enter the applicable credentials.

  • SoundCloud: Again, most apps allow exporting directly to your SoundCloud account when you select this option, and from there you can share the music to any number of social media services.

  • Cloud Storage Accounts: Most apps default to Dropbox, but you can also use your iCloud account or other storage options as allowed by the app. From there, you can relocate or share as you wish.

  • Bandcamp: You’ll need to export the file to another place, such as a cloud storage device, then move the track to your Bandcamp account. But you’ll find no better solution for selling your music (or merchandise and physical recordings) than Bandcamp.

  • Email: Some files may exceed email size options (think 10 MB or less), but you can always try to email a completed track to yourself. Just choose the compressed file option and release that this solution will not handle any uncompressed recordings well.