Selling CDs of Your Home Recording Music - dummies

By Jeff Strong

Regardless of whether you have your own site, you can always sell your CDs on the Internet through other outlets. An advantage to selling your music through other online stores is that you can capitalize on the traffic that the store generates. A number of online retailers are out there, but the following list gives you the lowdown on some of the major players:

  • CD Baby: CD Baby is an online music store that specializes in independent artists. It puts your CD on its site for a small setup fee ($35). For this, you get a web page (which the people at CD Baby design) with pictures, bios, MP3s, and streaming audio.

    The site sells your CD for any price you set, takes $4 from the sale, and gives you the rest. You even receive an e-mail whenever someone buys one of your CDs.

    Signing up is easy; just direct your browser to and click the Sell Your CD icon. The instructions are clear, and a lot of helpful articles on the site can help you to, well, sell your CD. They also make downloads available on iTunes and other services.

  • Yes, you can get your music on, boasted as the world’s largest online retailer. has an Advantage program that allows you to put your CD on its site and compete with the major-label artists.

    All you need is a professional CD (retail-ready) package with a UPC code on it. To join, point your browser to and click the Join Advantage link at the bottom of the page. Follow the directions, and you’ll have your music on the most prominent online retailer in no time.

Because the Internet is constantly changing and growing, you may find other sites that allow you to sell your music online. Use your favorite search engine to search for the phrase sell your CD. This gives you a ton of other places to consider selling your CD online.