Researching Home Recording Software Programs - dummies

By Jeff Strong

If you already own a computer and you want audio-recording or sequencing software to go with it, do the following research on the software that interests you:

  • Find out the product’s compatibility with your system: Visit the software manufacturer’s website for information about whether your system will work with that program as well as what additional hardware you may need in order to get the software up and running.

  • Find out what other users are saying: On the Internet, you can find an online discussion board for each of the major audio-recording software programs. Before you buy a program, go to the sites of the choices that interest you and see what people are saying about the program.

    Ask questions and explore the issues that other people are having with the program. Doing so can save you lots of time dealing with bugs in your system and allow you to record a lot more music. You can find these sites by using the product name as the keyword in your favorite search engine checking out the Internet forums.

    One great way to see whether a particular program is right for you is to find out what people who play your type of music are using. For instance, a lot of people who compose with synthesizers and MIDI use Logic Audio because using MIDI and software synthesizers is quick and easy in this program.

    They also don’t need a bunch of hardware synthesizers to get the sounds they want, which saves space in their studio and saves money, because they can bypass the hardware to get their synthesizer sounds.