Putting Your Music on a Music Host Site - dummies

By Jeff Strong

An Internet music host site is a website that allows you to add your music to its list of available music downloads. Putting your MP3s on a host site can give you exposure that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. You can direct people to the site to listen to your music and also benefit from traffic that the site itself, other musicians, and the site’s fans generate.

For some of the larger sites, that can be a lot of potential listeners. Although MP3 host sites are constantly changing, a few have managed to hang around for a while.

Internet music host sites are always coming and going. To find out what sites are currently available and what they offer, check out http://www.indieguide.com/category/view/Music_Hosting_Sites for a comprehensive list.

Be sure to read and understand the contracts (often called agreements) that each of these sites requires you to agree to. Make sure that you don’t sign away your rights to your music. If you’re not sure that you like a particular agreement, don’t sign up for the service. You can find plenty of other places to put your music on the Internet.



AudioStreet.net is a free music site, offering free music hosting and downloads. You can upload your songs, create a blog, and join the forum to connect with other musicians and your fans. Of course, beyond the basic free plan (which gives you up to 3 songs, 20 pictures, a calendar for you to list your upcoming gigs, and some other basic services), you can enroll in comprehensive plans that go from $10 to $20 per month.



iLike promotes itself as a “social music discovery service” (whatever that is) and allows you to create and maintain a presence on several social media outlets by managing one account on its site using its Universal Artist Dashboard. It’s free so, check it out and see if you like the concept.



Last.fm is a streaming radio service with a dynamic community. You can put your music on the site plus offer links to your CDs and downloads. You can also sign up for a plan that pays you for the streaming, but it won’t amount to much unless you have a ton of plays (check out the Terms and Conditions for details).



MySpace.com used to be the place to be on the Internet for musicians. Originally just a place to hang out for a few lonely souls, it became a cultural phenomenon and then became a cautionary tale for anyone wanting to promote themselves online due to the bad publicity surrounding privacy and safety for its members.

Not to mention that many MySpace users’ “friends” were just other bands wanting as many “friends” as possible and who had no real interest in other people’s music. Of course, with the pace of the Internet and the recent sale of MySpace to Specific Media, MySpace could experience a renaissance and become popular again (stranger things have happened).

Regardless, tons of people still go to MySpace.com, so it’s worth keeping an eye on to see if it turns around.