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Other Music-Related Uses for Your iPhone or iPad

By Ryan C. Williams, Mike Levine

Although the coolest music-related uses for your iOS device probably involve tapping out beats or recording audio, you can use your device for so much more. iOS devices carry a huge virtual toolbox for musicians, but the following four types of tools are worth highlighting:

  • Sheet music: From precisely notated classical pieces to casual jazz gig charts, your iPad (sorry, this is iPad-only; for reading sheet music, your iPhone’s screen — even a new iPhone’s screen — is probably too small) can display all the songs you’ll need to perform. You can even connect Bluetooth controllers to help you turn the pages with your feet, leaving your hands free to create the magic.

  • Tuners: Yes, tuners probably best serve guitars and basses, but you never know when you’ll need to find out the pitch of a note. So many apps handle this functionality, and some can even pick out individual notes in a chord.

  • Remote controls: Plenty of the manufacturers of computer-based DAWs (including Logic and Studio One) and mixers (such as Mackie and PreSonus) offer apps that can control software or hardware from anywhere you need to be. Whether you wander around the audience in a live gig or across the control room in a studio, these remotes can handle the distance. Just remember to keep a line-of-sight or a WiFi connection to maintain control while you wander around.

  • Education tools: From metronomes to ear training to practice tracks, your iPhone and iPad can help you learn more about the music you create. Best of all, these tools can travel with you and help you wherever you are.