Mac or PC for Home Recording - dummies

By Jeff Strong

Whether to buy a Mac or PC is a hotly debated topic among home recordists. Most professional studios used to favor Macintosh computers for recording audio. PCs were thought to have too many bugs to work well for audio. Even if this were true in the past, it’s not true anymore.

Your decision between a Mac- or PC-based recording system should be based more on your personal preferences in computer platforms and the particular software that you intend to use rather than which one is more stable. Either platform may or may not be stable, depending on what you’re trying to do.

Choose the software that you want to use, and buy the computer that has the best track record for running that software. Some programs are available only for one platform or another.

For example, Logic Audio and Digital Performer are Mac-only programs, and Sound Forge and Sonar are only available for Windows PC users. Other programs, such as Nuendo and Pro Tools, are available for both Mac and Windows computers.

If you already have a computer or if you prefer one platform over another (PC or Mac), be sure to determine whether a program works on that platform before you buy it.