Import/Export and Paste Functions in Digital Music Editing - dummies

Import/Export and Paste Functions in Digital Music Editing

By Jeff Strong

Using digital hard-drive recording edit functions you can import, export and paste your recorded music tracks. And the best part is that you can do any of these procedures and still change your mind when you’re done.


Exporting and importing involve moving music from one song file to another. Some systems enable you to import a single track from another song, whereas on other systems, you have to import everything in a song file.

If you can import only a whole song file but you just want a single track, just make a copy of the song that you want to import and erase everything you don’t need from that song. Then when you import the song file, you import only the stuff that you want.

Doing it this way rather than importing the whole song file and then erasing the unwanted stuff afterward is quicker because the computer doesn’t have to import more than you need.


As obvious as this may sound, pasting is just placing your selected music somewhere. Like the Cut and Copy functions, this function is a staple for computer-based systems, but it isn’t common among stand-alone or SIAB systems.

In many cases, Paste overwrites the existing material where you put it, unless you have an Insert option and you use it as well. Some computer-based systems treat Paste like a word processing program does — the existing material moves over and makes room for the pasted section.

Paste places your selection over existing material.
Paste places your selection over existing material.

Like all computer Paste functions, whatever you put on the clipboard stays there until you replace it with something else. So you can paste the same selection as many times as you like.