How to Record a CD with Studio-in-a-Box Systems - dummies

How to Record a CD with Studio-in-a-Box Systems

By Jeff Strong

Since SIAB systems rarely contain a CD recorder as one of their recording options, you will likely need to transfer your mixed files into a computer in order to burn your files to CD. Here’s an overview of the process of transferring mixed files from a Tascam DP-24 recording system to a Mac. The process on other devices will likely be similar.

  1. Connect a USB cable from the USB port in the Tascam DP-24 to a USB port in your computer.

    It doesn’t matter if the Tascam unit is turned on or off.

  2. Choose USB from the Menu screen.

    This disables record and playback operations and saves your currently loaded song. The Tascam DP-24 appears as an external hard drive on your computer’s display.

  3. Click the DP-24 icon on your computer.

    You see three folders: Music, Utility, and AudioDepot.

  4. Click the Music folder.

  5. Navigate to the song that has the master file you want to transfer.

  6. Click and drag the file onto your computer to your chosen location.

    The file is copied and transferred.

  7. Use your computer’s CD burning software to complete the burning process.