How to Deal with Ear Fatigue when Recording at Home - dummies

How to Deal with Ear Fatigue when Recording at Home

By Jeff Strong

Yep, even you ears can get tired when you record at home. If you’ve ever had a chance to mix a song, you’ve probably found that you often do a better mix early in the process, and the longer you work on the song, the worse the mix gets. In most cases, this is because your ears get tired, and when they do, hearing accurately becomes harder.

To tame ear fatigue, try the following tips:

  • Don’t mix at the end of the day, especially after doing other recordings. Save your mixing for first thing in the morning, when your ears have had a chance to rest.

  • Keep the volume low. You’ll be tempted to crank the volume on your song as you work on it, but doing so only tires your ears prematurely and can cause damage, especially if you have monitors that can get really loud.

  • Take an occasional break. Just 10 or 15 minutes of silence can allow you to work for another hour or so. Also, don’t be afraid to walk away from a mix for a day or more.

  • Try not to mix under a deadline. This suggestion fits with the preceding one. If you’re under a deadline, you can’t give yourself the time you may need to rest and reassess your mix before it goes to print.