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How to Alter a Song’s Structure When Editing Your Music

By Jeff Strong

Okay, you’ve recorded all the parts for your new home recording and have the arrangement and structure the way that you thought you wanted it. But suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly), you wonder what the song would sound like if you started with the chorus instead of the first verse. (This isn’t common, but just go along with it for now.)

All you have to do is choose the chorus from all the tracks in the song and copy or move the tracks to the place where you want them to be.

Today, many musicians play just a portion of a song and assemble the song from there. For instance, except for the lead vocal, you can just record one verse and one chorus on each instrument. You then go into your editor palette and put the song together. This lets you alter the song’s structure quickly and easily.

This procedure is pretty simple: Just choose your musical section and then cut, copy, or paste it to where you want it to be. If your system doesn’t have the Cut and Paste functions, you can use the Copy and Move functions instead.