Great Lead Vocal Sound from Your Room - dummies

By Jeff Strong

Regardless of the type of home studio you have or the style of music that you record, you’ll probably record vocals at some point. And unfortunately, vocals are one of the most challenging sounds to do well.

To get the best possible recording of vocals, you need a dead room, which is another way of saying a room that has no reverberation. Recording vocals in a dead room gives a sense of “presence” and allows you to add compression to the vocals without making them sound distant (this is because the compressor raises the level of the background noise, particularly the reverberation from a live room).

The easiest way to deaden your room for vocal recording is to hang curtains, carpet, or blankets around the room or to use the absorbent side of the reflector/absorber panels. Try to cover the front and both sides of the vocal area with absorbent materials. If you use short reflector/absorber panels, you need to raise them off the ground.