Building Your Home Recording Studio Microphone Collection - dummies

Building Your Home Recording Studio Microphone Collection

By Jeff Strong

You will likely build your home recording microphone collection over time rather than buying all your mics at once. This is the best way to buy mics, because it gives you time to develop an understanding of what you can do with the microphone that you have before you plunk down your money for another one.

You’re better off having a few mics that best fit your situation than having a whole bunch of mics that just sorta work for you.

If you’re like most people, your budget dictates how many mics you can buy and what kind they may be.

Before you buy a ton of mics, know this: Many digital systems have an effect called a mic simulator. The mic simulator allows you to use a relatively inexpensive mic and get the sound of a much more expensive one.

If your system has a mic simulator program (you can find out by searching through your system’s effects patches), you should get a basic dynamic mic first. You may find that you like the way the mic simulator sounds and discover that you don’t need as many mics as you thought.