Apple iOS Home Recording Hardware Options - dummies

By Jeff Strong

You can record music on your Apple device. Apple was the first company to make apps available for mobile users, and with its head start, it has managed to provide a fairly broad selection of hardware that can allow you to use an iPhone or iPad to record your music. Currently, here are some hardware options that can get you creating music on your Apple device.

Because the Apple devices have been around a while, there has been support for USB audio with the iOS software — just about any USB interface will work with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. However, it is strongly recommended that you choose an app first and then see what hardware is supported.

That said, here are hardware options that have proven to be reliable for iOS devices:

  • Apogee: Apogee makes high-quality audio interfaces that are used in the better studios. It has several studio-quality interfaces for iOS devices, including One, Duet, and Quartet. These devices are more expensive than others, but they’re worth it if you want to record at the highest possible level.

  • Blue Microphones: Blue makes some nice mics, and it has two dedicated to iOS devices: Spark Digital and Mikey. Both plug right in and work flawlessly.

  • IK Multimedia: IK Multimedia offers a fairly large selection of interfaces for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

  • Tascam: Tascam was the first company to make a portable, personal multi-track recorder with the Portastudio cassette four-track in the 1970s. It now offers a few options for iOS devices, including the iXZ interface and iM2 microphone.