Android Home Recording Options - dummies

By Jeff Strong

Android is, by far, the most popular mobile platform for home recordists. However, it’s pretty slim on apps and hardware that can be used for music composing, recording, editing, or mixing. That said, here are some hardware and app options to get you recording on your Android device.


Dedicated hardware options for Android are currently limited. The basic voice-recorder apps all use the internal microphone, while some other apps, such as the USB Audio Recorder, are able to use certain USB audio interfaces.

Here is the first of what likely will be many USB-based hardware manufacturers that will make available Android-supported devices: IK Multimedia offers a handful of hardware options for your Android device. These include mics, a mic preamp, a guitar input, and a mixer, all at pretty low prices.


Here are some audio recording apps for Android phones and tablets:

  • iRig Recorder: This is an enhanced version of a voice recorder that allows you to record up to 16-bit/44.1-kHz audio and edit and enhance it with various tools and effects. You can also share your recordings in a variety of ways.

  • J4T Multitrack Recorder: A four-track recorder with effects and mixing abilities. Works with the internal mic and a variety of USB audio interfaces (though it doesn’t list which interfaces are compatible).

  • n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack: This is a multi-track app with mixing and editing functions. It works with a variety of USB audio interfaces. Check out this list of tested devices.

  • USB Audio Recorder Pro: This app opens your Android device to a variety of USB audio interfaces. Be sure to check the device compatibility list before trying to use a USB interface.