Guitar Tablature: "The Full Little Jug" - dummies

Guitar Tablature: “The Full Little Jug”

By Mark Phillips, Jon Chappell

Here is a renamed Gaelic song whose original title, “The Cruiskeen Lawn,” roughly translates to “The Full Little Jug.” Play this song on guitar using harmonic minor scale pattern #3 in 2nd position.

The sequences shown in the music span four bars, so they take longer to repeat than some of the more common two-bar phrases. Note that the repeated sequences have slight variations in their rhythm; in other words, they aren’t exact rhythmic clones of their predecessors.

“The Full Little Jug” is in the key of B minor and in 6/8 time. Don’t be fooled by the minor key and 6/8 meter. The melody for “The Full Little Jug” is lyrical. Instead, you have more of a scalar approach to the melody, except at the end where you have to play wide octave skips.

Notice bar ten is the beginning of a repeated section, as signified by the double-bar with two dots. When you get to the end of the piece, play the two measures marked “1.” and then go back to measure 10. The second time through, skip over the bars marked “1.” and play only the second ending, marked “2.”

The Full Little Jug
The Full Little Jug

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