Guitar Tablature: "The Cruel War Is Raging" - dummies

Guitar Tablature: “The Cruel War Is Raging”

By Mark Phillips, Jon Chappell

“The Cruel War is Raging” is an American folk song about a soldier during the Civil War. To play “The Cruel War Is Raging” on guitar, you need to know how to play the “lullaby” pattern; how to finger basic major and minor chords; and how to coo a baby to sleep with a song about annihilation and destruction.

Remember to hold down each chord with the left hand while the notes ring out. Use a capo to find your best key for singing.

Don’t let the simple nature of “The Cruel War is Raging” deceive you; the guitar parts here make them sound full and complete. After you get these arrangements down, all you need is the requisite flannel shirt and hiking boots and you’re on your way to a career in hoboing, labor organizing, and political protest.

The Cruel War Is Raging
The Cruel War Is Raging

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