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Guitar Tablature: “Amadeus’s Air”

By Mark Phillips, Jon Chappell

“Amadeus’s Air” is a guitar exercise taken from a Mozart composition (a piano concerto). It’s based on ascending arpeggios (using patterns #1, #2, and #3). This guitar piece is a little trickier to play because the patterns don’t start on the beat. Instead, they start after a sixteenth rest. Also, it uses seven-note patterns covering all six strings. The good news about this piece is that you get two beats of rest in between each pattern to allow you to set up for the next arpeggio. Two beats should be plenty of time to switch positions effortlessly.

The last bar in “Amadeus’s Air,” starts with a note lower than the note you start the pattern from on the 6th string. (Minor arpeggio pattern #3 normally starts on the 5th string.) You can form a mini-barre with your 1st finger for the first two notes in bar 8, which helps make the notes easier to play.

Amadeus’s Air
Amadeus’s Air

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