How to Hold an Electric Bass while Standing - dummies

How to Hold an Electric Bass while Standing

Playing your bass guitar is easiest if you know how to properly hold it. Learning how to hold the bass while standing will pay off by making you more comfortable and making it easier for you to play with the proper techniques.

When you strap on your bass for the first time, do it sitting down. Adjusting the strap is simply easier that way. Ideally, the strings of the bass cross between your belt line and your belly button at a slight upward angle. This position ensures optimum right- and left-hand coverage and works well whether you’re standing or sitting. Strapping on a bass eventually becomes as natural as walking, but when you first start out, you have to follow these basic instructions to get it right.

1Make sure that your strap is securely attached to the strap pins.

Also, make sure that your strap is straight, not twisted, from one end to the other.

2Let your bass hang loosely from your shoulder.

Keep your left hand under the neck, but don’t clutch it. Some basses are a little neck-heavy, while others are perfectly balanced. It doesn’t matter what type of bass you have, you just need to get used to the feeling of it.

3Position your hands on the bass.

Your left hand should be free to roam the neck from top to bottom without having to hold the bass. Your right hand should be able to reach all the strings comfortably.