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Passing Exams For Dummies (1118348575) cover image

Passing Exams For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-34857-4
300 pages
March 2012
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Created especially for the Australian customer!

Release your potential and get better exam results with this essential guide

Do you panic at the thought of exams? Do you think you're just not the academic type? No matter how old you are, exams can be stressful -- but they don't need to be. This essential guide provides expert tips on how to change your mindset, improve how you learn and revise, control your anxiety and get good marks -- whether you're studying at school, college or university, or to advance your career.

  • Change the way you think about yourself and exams -- become an A-grade student by finding out what motivates you and how you learn best
  • Explore the power of relaxation -- make your brain more receptive to incoming information and cope with exam pressure and anxiety
  • Review and rewrite your notes -- improve your reading style and condense your notes using visual mapping techniques
  • Use basic and advanced mnemonics to improve your memory -- map your notes; use rhymes, music and flash cards; and learn association techniques using memory pegs
  • Rehearse exam recall and performance -- use visualisation to mentally and physically rehearse passing your exams
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