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iPhone Photography & Video For Dummies (0470643641) cover image

iPhone Photography & Video For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-64364-8
256 pages
October 2010
US $21.99 Add to Cart
Other Available Formats: E-book

Part I: Taking Photos and Video on Your iPhone.

Chapter 1: Presenting the iPhone Camera.

Chapter 2: Taking Photos with an iPhone.

Chapter 3: Taking Video with an iPhone.

Part II: Making the Best Use of Your iPhone Camera.

Chapter 4: Adjusting to Your Photo Environment.

Chapter 5: Working within the Camera’s Capabilities.

Chapter 6: Using iPhoto ’09 to Enhance Your Photos.

Part III: Picking Great Accessories.

Chapter 7: Stabilizing, Lighting, and Projecting.

Chapter 8: Getting Some Zoom on the iPhone.

Part IV: Understanding the Helper Applications.

Chapter 9: Helpful Photography Apps for Your iPhone.

Chapter 10: Having Fun with Your Photos.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 11: Ten Terrific Resources for iPhone Photography.

Chapter 12: Ten Helpful Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts.


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