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iPhone Application Development All-In-One For Dummies (0470542934) cover image

iPhone Application Development All-In-One For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-54293-4
888 pages
May 2010
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

Book I: Creating the Killer App.

Chapter 1: What Makes a Killer iPhone App.

Chapter 2: Creating a Compelling User Experience.

Chapter 3: Enlisting in the Developer Corps.

Chapter 4: Getting to Know the SDK.

Chapter 5: Looking Behind the Screen.

Chapter 6: Death, Taxes, and iPhone Provisioning.

Chapter 7: The App Store Is Not Enough.

Book II: Objective-C and iPhone Technologies.

Chapter 1: Using Objective-C’s Extensions to C for iPhone Development.

Chapter 2: The Real Truth about Object-Oriented Programming.

Chapter 3: Digging Deeper Into Objective-C.

Chapter 4: Leveraging the Foundation Framework in Your App.

Chapter 5: Getting Other Objects to Do Your Work for You.

Book III: Building a Utility App — DeepThoughts.

Chapter 1: Understanding How an App Runs.

Chapter 2: Understanding the User Interface Controls.

Chapter 3: Developing the Main View.

Chapter 4: Developing the Flipside Controls.

Chapter 5: Extending Your App with a Photo View.

Book IV: Debugging and Tuning Your Application.

Chapter 1: Using the Xcode Debugger.

Chapter 2: Tuning Your Code Using Xcode’s Instruments Application.

Book V: Building an Industrial Strength Application — RoadTrip!

Chapter 1: Designing Your Application.

Chapter 2: Setting the Table.

Chapter 3: Navigating.

Chapter 4: Creating Controllers and Model Classes.

Chapter 5: Finding Your Way.

Chapter 6: Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding.

Book V I: Storing and Accessing Data.

Chapter 1: Show Me the Data.

Chapter 2: A More Flexible Generic Controller.

Chapter 3: Working the URL Loading System.

Chapter 4: Setting Up Core Data.

Chapter 5: Putting Core Data to Work.

Book V II: Extending the App to the Realm of Ultracool.

Chapter 1: A User Interface for Adding Hotels and Using the Address Book.

Chapter 2: Incorporating E-Mail: Postcards from the Road.

Chapter 3: Are We There Yet?


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