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iPad For Dummies, Pocket Edition (1118118723) cover image

iPad For Dummies, Pocket Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-11872-6
144 pages
April 2011
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Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Icons Used in This Book 2

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Your iPad 3

Turning the iPad On and Off 4

Locking the iPad 4

Exploring the iPad’s Big Picture 5

The iPad as an iPod 5

The iPad as an Internet communications device 6

The iPad as an e-book reader 7

What do you need to use your iPad? 7

Touring the iPad’s Exterior 8

On the top edge 8

On the bottom edge 9

On the sides, front and back 10

Status bar 13

The iPad’s Stupendous Home Screen Icons 16

Chapter 2: Mastering Multitouch 21

Training Your Digits 22

Navigating beyond Home 23

The Incredible Virtual Keyboard 24

Discovering the special-use keys 26

Finger-typing on the virtual keyboards 28

Editing mistakes 30

Select, cut, copy, and paste 31

Multitasking 33

Organizing Icons into Folders 35

Printing 35

Searching for Content 36

Conversing with Siri 37

Chapter 3: Getting Stuff to and from Your iPad 39

Starting to Sync 40

Disconnecting the iPad 45

Synchronizing Your Data 46

iCloud 46

Contacts 47

Calendars 48

Mail accounts 49

Other 50

Synchronizing Your Media 50

Apps 51

Ringtones 52

Music, music videos, and voice memos 53

Movies 54

TV shows 55

Podcasts 56

iTunes U 57

Books 57

Photos 58

Using Notification Center 59

Chapter 4: Surfing and Sending: Web and Messaging 61

Surfin’ Dude 61

Exploring the browser 62

Blasting off into cyberspace 63

I Can See Clearly Now 65

Using the Reading List 67

Putting Reminders to Work 68

Setting Up Your E-Mail 70

Set up your account the easy way 70

Set up your account the less easy way 70

Sending E-Mail 71

Sending an all-text e-mail 71

Sending a photo in an e-mail 74

Replying to or forwarding an e-mail message 74

Working with Mail Messages 75

Reading messages 76

Managing messages 77

Doing the iMessage Thing 78

Chapter 5: Music, Movies, and Books 81

Introducing the iPod inside Your iPad 82

Introducing iTunes Radio 84

Playing with the Audio Controls 84

Using the Genius feature 89

Creating playlists 89

Finding Stuff to Watch 90

Playing Video 94

Chatting with a View: FaceTime 96

Shooting Photos and Video 98

Shopping for E-Books 99

Browsing the iBookstore 99

Searching the iBookstore 101

Buying a book from the iBookstore 101

Buying books beyond Apple 101

Finding free books outside the iBookstore 102

Reading a Book 103

Turn pages 103

Jump to a specific page 105

Go to table of contents 105

Add bookmarks 106

Change the type size and font 107

Search inside and outside a book 107

Perusing with Newsstand 108

Chapter 6: Gotta Love Those Apps! 109

Tapping the Magic of Apps 109

Using Your Computer to Find Apps 111

Browsing the iTunes App Store 112

Searching iTunes for an app 114

Finding details about an app 115

Downloading an app 116

Using Your iPad to Find Apps 117

Browsing the App Store on your iPad 117

Using the Search field 119

Finding details about an app 119

Downloading an app 120

Updating and re-downloading an app 121

Working with Apps 122

Deleting an app 122

Socializing with Social Media Apps 124

Game Center 125

Facebook 125

Myspace 128

Twitter 129

Chapter 7: Ten Worthwhile Accessories 131

Casing the iPad 132

Protecting the Screen 133

Exploring Physical Keyboards 133

Connecting a Camera 134

Connecting to a TV or Projector 134

Keeping a Spare Charger 135

Listening the Wired and Bluetooth Ways 136

Listening with Speakers 136

Docking with an Extender Cable 137

Keeping Your iPad Upright 137

Where to Go from Here 138

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