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iOS App Development For Dummies (1118871057) cover image

iOS App Development For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-87105-8
576 pages
April 2014
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Introduction 1

A Bit of History 1

The iPhone stands alone 2

Enter the App Store 2

The iPad joins the party 3

The Plan for This Book 3

iOS and Xcode Game Changers 4

About This Book 5

Conventions Used in This Book 5

Icons Used in This Book 6

Foolish Assumptions 7

How This Book Is Organized 7

Part I: Getting Started 8

Part II: Building RoadTrip 8

Part III: Getting Your Feet Wet: Basic Functionality 8

Part IV: The Model and the App Structure 9

Part V: Adding the App Content 9

Part VI: The Part of Tens 9

Beyond the Book 10

Where to Go from Here 10

Part I: Getting Started  11

Chapter 1: What Makes a Great iOS App 13

Chapter 2: Getting to Know the SDK 29

Chapter 3: The Nuts and Bolts of an Xcode Project 45

Part II: Building RoadTrip 77

Chapter 4: Storyboards and the User Experience 79

Chapter 5: Creating the RoadTrip User Interface 111

Chapter 6: The Runtime, Managing Memory, and Using Properties 151

Chapter 7: Working with the Source Editor 183

Part III: Getting Your Feet Wet: Basic Functionality 203

Chapter 8: It’s (Finally) T ime to Code 205

Chapter 9: Adding Outlets and Actions to Your RoadTrip Code 227

Chapter 10: Adding Animation and Sound to Your App 247

Part IV: The Model and the App Structure 275

Chapter 11: The Trip Model 277

Chapter 12: Implementing the Master View Controller 309

Chapter 13: Working with Split View Controllers and the Master View 323

Chapter 14: Finishing the Basic App Structure 357

Part V: Adding the App Content 373

Chapter 15: How’s the Weather? Working with Web Views 375

Chapter 16: Displaying Events Using a Page View Controller 395

Chapter 17: Finding Your Way 417

Chapter 18: Geocoding 455

Chapter 19: Finding a Location 465

Chapter 20: Selecting a Destination 487

Part VI: The Part of Tens 521

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Be Successful with Apps 523

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Be a Happy Developer 527

Index 533

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