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iLife '04 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (0764576887) cover image

iLife '04 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7688-1
600 pages
July 2004
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Book I: iTunes.

Chapter 1: iTunes — The Digital Jukebox.

Chapter 2: Organizing Your Library.

Chapter 3: Enhancing the Audio.

Chapter 4: Burning CDs.

Book II: iPhoto.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know iPhoto.

Chapter 2: Importing Photos.

Chapter 3: Organizing Photos.

Chapter 4: Improving Photos.

Chapter 5: Making Slideshows.

Chapter 6: Printing and Publishing Photos and Books.

Book III: iMovie.

Chapter 1: Digital Moviemaking.

Chapter 2: Importing Video, Audio, and Photos.

Chapter 3: Organizing and Improving Video Clips.

Chapter 4: Editing Movies and Sound.

Chapter 5: Viewing and Sharing Movies.

Book IV: iDVD.

Chapter 1: Instant iDVD Authoring.

Chapter 2: Making Menus and Buttons.

Chapter 3: Burning DVDs.

Book V: GarageBand.

Chapter 1: Getting in Tune with GarageBand.

Chapter 2: Adding Loops and Audio Files.

Chapter 3: Recording and Arranging Music.

Chapter 4: Getting the Best Mix.

Book VI: iPod.

Chapter 1: Have iPod, Will Travel.

Chapter 2: Getting Wired for Sound.

Chapter 3: Managing Life on the Road.

Book VII: iLife Extras.

Chapter 1: Understanding Your iEnvironment.

Chapter 2: Enhancing Your iLife Environment with Other Tools.

Chapter 3: Taking a Cue from the Media Pros.


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