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eBay Timesaving Techniques For Dummies (0764559915) cover image

eBay Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5991-4
409 pages
June 2004
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Part I: Buying for Successful Selling.

Technique 1: Efficient Searching to Find the Best Deals.

Technique 2: Gearing Up for Savvy eBay Buying.

Technique 3: Bidding to Win.

Technique 4: Researching to Save Time and Money.

Technique 5: Real-World Sourcing Strategies for Your eBay Business.

Technique 6: Qualifying Your Merchandise and Methods.

Technique 7: Getting Action When Transactions Go Wrong.

Part II: Selling Shortcuts.

Technique 8: Building Strategies for Your Sales.

Technique 9: Setting Profitable Price Points.

Technique 10: Setting Sensible Shipping Costs.

Technique 11: Using eBay’s Free Listing Tool: Turbo Lister.

Technique 12: Making Multiple Sales without Multiplying Your Work.

Technique 13: Tracking Your Auction Action.

Technique 14: Boosting Sales through Dynamic Research.

Part III: Prettying Up Your Auctions.

Technique 15: Getting Great Images for eBay.

Technique 16: Prepping and Photographing Clothing.

Technique 17: Photographing the Tuff Stuff: Coins and Jewelry.

Technique 18: Touching Up Your Photos for eBay.

Technique 19: Uploading Your Pictures to a Server.

Technique 20: Listing Touchups and HTML without the Headaches.

Technique 21: Creating Your Own HTML Templates.

Part IV: Finishing Off Your Auctions.

Technique 22: Notifying Winners and Sending Invoices.

Technique 23: Tracking Payments.

Technique 24: Tracking Your Shipments.

Technique 25: Leaving Feedback Quickly and Gracefully.

Technique 26: Downloading Your eBay Sales Reports.

Technique 27: Reporting Failed Transactions to eBay.

Part V: Operating Efficiently with PayPal.

Technique 28: Understanding PayPal Accounts and Options.

Technique 29: Generating Income from Your Web Site with PayPal.

Technique 30: Downloading Your Payment History from PayPal.

Technique 31: Arranging Shipping Directly through PayPal.

Technique 32: Expanding Your Business with PayPal Shops and Tools.

Technique 33: Using PayPal’s Little-Known Tools.

Part VI: Shipping Made Simple.

Technique 34: Selecting the Best Packing Materials.

Technique 35: Picking the Right Shipper.

Technique 36: Shipping with the U.S. Postal Service.

Technique 37: Getting Brown with United Parcel Service.

Technique 38: Absolutely, Positively FedEx.

Technique 39: Insuring Against the Worst.

Technique 40: Making a Claim When Shipping Goes Bad.

Part VII: Working the eBay Community.

Technique 41: Opening an eBay Store.

Technique 42: Building Your Reputation by Becoming a PowerSeller.

Technique 43: Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant.

Technique 44: Getting the Stamp of Approval from SquareTrade.

Technique 45: Meeting Other eBayers.

Part VIII: Running an Efficient Back Office.

Technique 46: Going Legit with Your Business.

Technique 47: Simplifying Your Bookkeeping.

Technique 48: Monitoring Your Financial Reports.

Technique 49: Keeping Your Records and Data Safe.

Technique 50: Avoiding Sick Days by Staying Healthy.

Technique 51: Overcoming Accessibility Challenges.

Part IX: Acting Like a CEO.

Technique 52: Building Business Buying Plans.

Technique 53: Knowing Your Customers.

Technique 54: Marketing Your eBay Listings.

Technique 55: Using Google to Build Your Business.

Technique 56: Bonding Your Sales: Raising Bids and GSM.

Technique 57: Flying Your Banner on eBay.

Technique 58: Co-oping with eBay to Lower Advertising Costs.

Part X: The Scary (or Fun) Stuff.

Technique 59: Raising Money for Your Favorite Charity.

Technique 60: Organizing with Auction Management Tools.

Technique 61: Networking Your Office.

Technique 62: Keeping Kosher: Staying Away from Spam.

Technique 63: Keeping Password Accounts Secure.

Technique 64: Letting the World Know All About You, er, Me.

Technique 65: Glossary of eBay Sellers’ Business Terms.


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