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eBay PowerSeller Business Practices For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-16842-4
456 pages
May 2008
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Part I: Power Up to PowerSeller Status.

Practice 1: Understanding What It Takes to Be a PowerSeller.

Practice 2: Knowing eBay Inside and Out.

Practice 3: Discerning the Many Faces of eBay.

Practice 4: Benefiting from the Community and Certified Providers.

Part II: Hit Your Sales Targets.

Practice 5: Deciding What to Sell and the Tools That Help You.

Practice 6: Finding Merchandise to Sell.

Practice 7: Building a Business Buying Plan.

Practice 8: Recouping the Costs of Selling on eBay — and Then Some.

Practice 9: Building a Selling Strategy.

Practice 10: Setting Shipping Costs That Pay.

Practice 11: Marketing Your Items to Grow Sales.

Practice 12: Making the eBay Store Decision.

Practice 13: Taking Advantage of eBay Stores Marketing.

Practice 14: Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant.

Practice 15: Your Web Site: Expanding Beyond eBay.

Practice 16: Giving Back to Nonprofits through Giving Works.

Part III: Build Better Listings.

Practice 17: Creating Listings That Sell with HTML.

Practice 18: Writing Effective Listings.

Practice 19: Listing Made Easy with Turbo Lister.

Practice 20: Managing Your Business with Professional Tools.

Practice 21: Shooting Quality Product Photos.

Practice 22: Photographing Specialty Items.

Practice 23: Getting Your Photos Web-Ready.

Practice 24: Using Item Images Effectively.

Practice 25: Storing Photos Where Your Listings Can Find Them.

Practice 26: Giving Unsold Items a Second Chance.

Part IV: Become a Model Seller.

Practice 27: Choosing the Best Shipper for Your Type of Business.

Practice 28: Automating Your Shipping Chores.

Practice 29: Getting Your Item There in One Piece.

Practice 30: Understanding the Limitations of Package Insurance.

Practice 31: Handling the Inevitable: Returns.

Practice 32: Steering Clear of Fraud.

Practice 33: Keep Your E-Mailbox Free of Scams and Junk.

Practice 34: Securing Your Accounts.

Practice 35: Communicating with Your Buyers.

Practice 43: Keeping Up with Your Taxes.

Practice 44: Establish Your Business Type.

Practice 45: Running a Smooth Office.

Practice 46: Bonding Your Business.

Practice 47: Getting Free with a Home Network.

Appendix A: Glossary of eBay PowerSellers’ Business Terms.

Appendix B: Ten Other Places to Move Your Merchandise.

Appendix C: About the CD.