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eBay PowerSeller Business Practices For Dummies (0470168420) cover image

eBay PowerSeller Business Practices For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-16842-4
456 pages
May 2008
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With over a million copies of her books in print, Marsha Collier is the leading eBay author in the world. Her books help eBay users get started, find bargains, make their first purchases, sell their first items, and start generating a steady income on eBay. This book, eBay PowerSeller Business Practices For Dummies, shares the techniques you need to know to either achieve the coveted PowerSeller status on eBay, make your PowerSeller-level business run more smoothly, or simply employ the tips the site's best sellers use every day. A PowerSeller herself, Marsha has done the research and developed tried and true techniques for boosting your sales and keeping them at high levels. Best of all, she breaks all the practices down into short, step-by-step tasks that don't require a lot of time to accomplish, leaving you more time to build your business!

The book breaks PowerSeller selling into:

  • Powering Up: Understanding how to use eBay's tools and community to get sales up to PowerSeller levels
  • Hitting Your Sales Targets: Establishing a strategy for choosing the items that work for you, buying items for resale on eBay, and creating a business plan that incorporates marketing, shipping, eBay Stores, and expanding into a separate Web site.
  • Build Better Listings: Upgrading your HTML and photography skills to build sale pages that command buyer confidence
  • Become a Model Seller: Enhancing your customer service skills from packing and shipping to insuring items to communicating with buyers
  • Manage Your Business: A crash course in accounting, including the unique issues with operating an online store

The book also includes a CD-ROM that includes samples of Marsha's 5-DVD video training kit, "Your eBay Business Plan;" trial versions of helpful software from DAZzle, Fast Photos, and QuickBooks; and tools created by the author to help you better operate your business including a fee calculator and list of sources for wholesale merchandise.

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