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eBay Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (0764599747) cover image

eBay Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-9974-3
858 pages
April 2005
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Part I: eBay Basics.

Chapter 1: Hooking Up with Online Technology.

Chapter 2: Navigating through eBay.

Chapter 3: Signing Up and Getting Started.

Chapter 4: Understanding eBay Sales.

Chapter 5: Checking Things Out Before Buying.

Chapter 6: Bidding to Win.

Chapter 7: Completing the Transaction.

Chapter 8: Participating in the Community.

Part II: Essential Tools.

Chapter 1: Researching on eBay.

Chapter 2: Researching on the Web.

Chapter 3: Efficient Communications for Better Sales.

Chapter 4: Simplifying Payment with PayPal.

Chapter 5: Using eBay’s Management Tools.

Part III: Selling Like a Pro.

Chapter 1: Be Sure Your Listings Make Cents.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Finer Points of Selling.

Chapter 3: Listing Your Items for Sale.1

Chapter 4: Using eBay’s Turbo Lister.

Chapter 5: Managing Your Sales on My eBay.

Chapter 6: Using PayPal to Organize Your Sales.

Chapter 7: Checking Out Payment Alternatives.

Part IV: Sourcing Merchandise.

Chapter 1: Understanding Online Retailing.

Chapter 2: Buying Merchandise Like the Pros.

Chapter 3: Selling Other People’s Stuff.

Chapter 4: Liquidation and Drop-Shipping.

Part V: Presenting Your Items.

Chapter 1: Your eBay Photo Studio.

Chapter 2: Mastering eBay Photography.

Chapter 3: Sprucing Up Your Listings with HTML.

Chapter 4: Getting Your Photos Ready for eBay.

Chapter 5: Getting Your Photos on the Web.

Part VI: Promoting Your Goods.

Chapter 1: Marketing Your Listings on eBay.

Chapter 2: Developing Your Web Site.

Chapter 3: Marketing Your Web Site and eBay Store.

Chapter 4: Using PayPal to Increase Your Sales.

Chapter 5: Getting Advertising Dollars from eBay.

Part VII: Storing and Shipping.

Chapter 1: Organizing Your Merchandise and Shipping Department.

Chapter 2: Shipping without Going Postal.

Chapter 3: Insuring Your Item’s Delivery.

Part VIII: Power Selling.

Chapter 1: Upgrading to eBay’s Selling Manager.

Chapter 2: Mechanizing with Third-Party Auction Management Tools.

Chapter 3: Studying Your Statistics.

Chapter 4: Giving Customers Outside Assurance.

Chapter 5: Becoming a PowerSeller.

Chapter 6: Opening Your eBay Store.

Part IX: Office and Legal.

Chapter 1: Getting Legal with the State and the Feds.

Chapter 2: The Joys of Taxes and Business Reporting.

Chapter 3: Using Bookkeeping Software.

Chapter 4: Keeping Your Business Secure Online.

Chapter 5: Networking Your Office.


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