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Your Dream Career For Dummies (1118070135) cover image

Your Dream Career For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-07013-0
304 pages
April 2011
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Foreword xvii

Introduction 1

Part I: Setting the Stage for Your Career Change 5

Chapter 1: Evaluating Your Current Situation 7

Chapter 2: Opening Yourself to Discovery 15

Chapter 3: Uncovering the Real You 25

Chapter 4: Envisioning Your Dream Lifestyle 35

Chapter 5: Figuring Out How to Structure Your Work 45

Chapter 6: Defining Your Preferred Workplace 53

Part II: Finding Your Passions 67

Chapter 7: Uncovering Skills That Make Time Fly 69

Chapter 8: Discovering Topics That Make You Sizzle with Excitement 87

Chapter 9: Brainstorming Intriguing Career Ideas 95

Chapter 10: Sifting Out Your Most Intriguing Dream Careers 105

Part III: Exploring Possible Career Directions 119

Chapter 11: Considering Communicating Careers 121

Chapter 12: Exploring Scientific/Logical Careers 135

Chapter 13: Thinking Outside the Box with Creative Careers 149

Part IV: Bringing Your Dream Career to Life 165

Chapter 14: Researching Your Top Two Career Ideas 167

Chapter 15: Asking the Right Questions about Your Top Two Careers 185

Chapter 16: Merging Your Personal Life with Your Dream Career 201

Chapter 17: Reconciling Differences between Your Life and Your Dream Career 213

Chapter 18: Moving Ever Closer to Your Immediate Goal 221

Chapter 19: Turning Your Dream Career into a Reality 235

Part V: The Part of Tens 253

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Confirm Your Dream Career Won’t Be a Nightmare 255

Chapter 21: Ten Creative Ways to Make the Leap to Your Dream Career 261

Index 267

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