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Your Baby's First Year For Dummies (0764584200) cover image

Your Baby's First Year For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-8420-6
388 pages
July 2005
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Part I: Giving Baby a Healthy, Happy Start.

Chapter 1: Preparing for Baby.

Chapter 2: Smoothing the Transition to Parenthood.

Chapter 3: Hitting the Road with Baby on Board.

Chapter 4: Returning to Work?

Part II: Introducing: Baby!

Chapter 5: Settling In with Baby.

Chapter 6: The First Month: Getting to Know You.

Chapter 7: The Second Month: Finding Your Rhythm.

Chapter 8: The Third Month: Rolling Away from Infancy.

Part III: Moving, Shaking, and Growing.

Chapter 9: The Fourth Month: Food!

Chapter 10: The Fifth Month: Rocking Baby’s World.

Chapter 11: The Sixth Month: Baby on the Move!

Part IV: Discovering the World Beyond Mom.

Chapter 12: The Seventh Month: Developmental Delights.

Chapter 13: The Eighth Month: The Cruisin’ Kid.

Chapter 14: The Ninth Month: Grabbing Your Attention (With Intention).

Part V: Keeping Up with Baby.

Chapter 15: The Tenth Month: Chatting Up Baby.

Chapter 16: The Eleventh Month: Walking the Walk.

Chapter 17: The Twelfth Month: Who’s This Toddler?

Part VI: Protecting Baby’s Health and Safety.

Chapter 18: Keeping Baby Healthy.

Chapter 19: Making It All Better: When Baby Has a Boo-Boo.

Chapter 20: Preventing Injuries at Home.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Surviving the First Few Weeks.

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Daddy Survival.

Chapter 23: Ten Reasons to Call Your Pediatrician.

Chapter 24: Ten Reasons Not to Run to Your Pediatrician.


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