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XML All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (0764516531) cover image

XML All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-1653-5
672 pages
June 2003
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Book I: Describing Data with XML.

Chapter 1: Introducing XML.

Chapter 2: Dissecting an XML Document.

Chapter 3: Creating Well-Formed XML Documents.

Chapter 4: Namespaces — Avoiding Naming Conflicts.

Book II: Validating XML.

Chapter 1: Validating XML Documents.

Chapter 2: Creating Document Type Definitions.

Chapter 3: Creating XML Schemas.

Chapter 4: XML Schema Data Types.

Chapter 5: Designing XML Schemas.

Chapter 6: Validating Documents Using DTDs and XML Schemas.

Chapter 7: Working with XML-Data Reduced.

Book III: Presenting XML.

Chapter 1: Styling XML with Stylesheets.

Chapter 2: Cascading Style Sheets — Displaying XML in a Browser.

Chapter 3: Printing XML Using XSL-FO.

Book IV: Transforming XML.

Chapter 1: XML’s Swiss Army Knife — XSLT.

Chapter 2: Powered by Template Rules.

Chapter 3: XPath — Scouting Out XML Data.

Chapter 4: Adding Logic to Your XSLT.

Chapter 5: Variables and Parameters.

Chapter 6: The Output Side of XSLT.

Book V: Working with the Rest of the X-Team.

Chapter 1: XLink — Linking XML Documents.

Chapter 2: XPointer — Pointing to Resources.

Chapter 3: XForms — Processing Forms.

Chapter 4: XHTML — Next-Generation HTML.

Book VI: Processing XML.

Chapter 1: Introduction to XML APIs.

Chapter 2: Reading XML with SAX and XMLReader.

Chapter 3: Understanding the XML DOM.

Chapter 4: Processing XML Using the DOM.

Book VII: XML Web Services.

Chapter 1: Introduction to XML Web Services.

Chapter 2: XML-RPC — Simple Distributed Computing.

Chapter 3: SOAP — Accessing Web Services the Clean and Slippery Way.

Chapter 4: WSDL — Telling the World about Your Web Services.

Chapter 5: UDDI — Finding Web Services.

Chapter 6: Voice and Wireless Services.

Chapter 7: Web Services Security.

Chapter 8: Implementing Web Services.


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