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Writing Copy For Dummies (0764569694) cover image

Writing Copy For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-6969-2
384 pages
October 2004
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Introduction 1

Part I Understanding Copywriting Basics 7

Chapter 1: Writing Copy: Capturing Hearts, Minds, and Money 9

Chapter 2: Marching Ahead with Copywriting fundamentals 19

Chapter 3: Looking for Ideas: Finding Inspiration through Investigation 39

Part II Direct Response Writing That Makes the Sale 53

Chapter 4: Working with the Power of Direct Response 55

Chapter 5: Writing Direct Response Letters That Win Business 69

Chapter 6: Creating Direct Response Brochures That Sizzle and Sell 91

Chapter 7: Completing the Direct Response Package 107

Chapter 8: Going it Alone: Self-Mailers, Postcards, Catalogs, and More 127

Chapter 9: Blasting Away with E-Mail 143

Part III Building Awareness of Your Business 159

Chapter 10: Basic Branding 101 161

Chapter 11: Writing High-Powered Ads for Your Business 173

Chapter 12: Creating Effective Press Releases and Press Kits 191

Chapter 13: Gaining Credibility with Outstanding Articles 211

Part IV Managing the Sales Support System 229

Chapter 14: Creating Web Sites That Attract and Hold Customers 231

Chapter 15: Crafting Collateral: Using Supporting Materials 247

Chapter 16: Writing to Sell to a Business, Not a Consumer 263

Part V Looking at Special Copywriting Situations 275

Chapter 17: Raising Money, Getting Votes, and Promoting Health and Education 277

Chapter 18: Solving Problems When Good copy Goes Wrong 295

Chapter 19: So You Want to Be a Copywriter 309

Part VI: The Part of Tens 328

Chapter 20: Ten Things You Should Always Do Before Writing 329

Chapter 21: Ten cures for Common Copywriting Problems 335

Chapter 22: Ten Fast Ways to Find Copywriting Inspiration 341

Index 347

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