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World War II For Dummies (0764553526) cover image

World War II For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5352-3
436 pages
October 2001
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Introduction: The Most Destructive War.

PART I: Origins and Causes of the War, 1919-1939.

Chapter 1: World War II: Why It Matters and What You Need to Know.

Chapter 2: The Great War and the Uneasy Peace: How World War II Happened.

Chapter 3: Hoping for Peace: The Rise of the Dictators, 1933-1939.

PART II: Starting the War: The Axis Invades and Conquers, 1939-1942.

Chapter 4: Invading Eastern Europe: Hitler's Power Grows, 1939.

Chapter 5: Blitzkrieg in Europe: World War II Begins, 1939-1941.

Chapter 6: The Ultimate Battle: Hitler versus Stalin.

Chapter 7: America on the Sidelines: 1933-1941.

Chapter 8: Collision in Asia: Japan and America, 1937-1941.

PART III: Behind Enemy Lines: Nations at War.

Chapter 9: Maintaining Resources: The Axis.

Chapter 10: Working Together: The Allies.

Chapter 11: The War against the Jews.

PART IV: Planning and Launching the Allied Counterattack, 1942-1943.

Chapter 12: The Politics of Compromise, 1942.

Chapter 13: Taking North Africa, Sicily, and the Boot.

Chapter 14: Germany a Three-Time Loser: In Russia, At Home, and in the Atlantic.

Chapter 15: Guadalcanal, New Guinea, and Midway: Japan's Three Strikes.

Chapter 16: Planning for the Rest of the War, 1943.

PART V: The Long Haul, 1944.

Chapter 17: The Italian Campaign and Soviet Victories in the East.

Chapter 18: Liberating Europe: From Normandy to Paris, and Beyond.

Chapter 19: Japan Begins to Crack.

PART VI: Starting Over: The War's Aftereffects, 1945.

Chapter 20: Ending the War (Almost): The Final Offensive.

Chapter 21: The Japanese Defeat.

Chapter 22: The Uneasy Peace.

PART VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Formidable Military Leaders of World War II.

Chapter 24: Ten Weapons That Made a Difference.

Chapter 25: Ten "What Ifs?" of World War II.


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